Friday, January 1, 2010

Goin' for the 'Kill - Day 5.

I imagine my poor husband is out on the bike, numb from the chill and the wind, even as we speak. Well...type. 2010 is only a few hours old, but the Polar Bear Ride for Courage seemed like too much fun to pass up, especially for such a good cause. And this will give us an early glimpse of the Battenkill's distance (62.5 miles) and its effect on legs and lungs and liver function. I actually made up that last part. But as Erich's first week of training for the Tour of the Battenkill comes to an end, I feel like we only have positive things to take away.

First, and actually foremost, Erich has a lot of good friends! It's clear that he has the support of his buddies in the City Loop Mafia. Represent. He's continually encouraged by our non-mafiosa connections, too! And there's no question that his family is pulling for him as always. So that's enough to keep a guy dancing on the pedals, for sure.

Second, the elements will always be a factor. With the start of Erich's plan this past Monday, he ran straight into a cold headwind. And the wind was a presence on his ride Wednesday as well. As a result, he found himself just shy of his goal for speed on both rides. But he still came really close. And even better, it gives him the opportunity to train in realistic conditions, possibly very similar to what he will face in upstate New York in early April. So the pain will be worth it. And by the way, I believe he will start to hit those speed goals...

Lastly, this is a lot of fun! It's hard work, getting out on the bike and putting miles into your legs. Especially when balancing career and family. And it's not as if he has a professional trainer guiding him along the way. Instead, he actually just has his wife, who constantly walks the fine line between supportive training plans and wanting to eat dinner on time! But so far, the start of this journey has been kind to us. No doubt, there are (as yet) undiscovered challenges ahead. But that may be part of the fun, too.

Either way, onward!


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