Tuesday, December 29, 2009

One of my favorite things...

...is a night ride with the crew.  Kristin, Barry, Chancey, Sirena and I met up dans la nuit and lit the candles.  We probably had 10,000 candlepower or so out there - no way cars could miss us.  Oddly enough, with a group of illuminati this size we cause cars to slow, peer at our blinkies, and ease past with plenty of room.

This kind of training is more for the soul, and less for the flesh; the kind of 90-minute, compartmentalized episode that lives on as a singular event in one's memory - not faded in with the rest of a day.  Yes, these evenings with the CLM are special.

The crew lighting it up down Polo Rd.  The Spaniard leads.

We paused for a quick pic:  Proof and props.

Tomorrow:  35 miles awaits...


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