Monday, December 28, 2009

Goin' for the 'Kill - Day 1.

Let the pain begin! Today begins Erich's official training plan for the 2010 Tour of the Battenkill. Although I'm not at all a real-life personal trainer, some of my past studies have required the development of training plans for patients or clients. And while my own husband is certainly not a patient (yet!), he kindly asked (several hundred times) for a training schedule for this race, so I finally agreed (in exchange for a side trip to New York City, naturally).

To be honest, we have toyed with making a training regimen in the past. In 2005, Erich asked for a plan to get him ready for the Hanes Park Classic. He spent the entire summer sweating out the long rides and evil intervals I taped to his refrigerator door. He loved it! (No, really, just ask him.) And those who watched that race might remember the crazy (suicidal) attack he launched on the bell lap, only to be overtaken not so far from the finish line. While he wasn't able to take a podium spot in that race, he hasn't really slowed down since. So as the idea of racing the Battenkill really began taking shape, we started discussing a new and improved training plan.

Over the past several weeks, I've researched articles on training for metric centuries and hilly bike races. You really learn so much that way, both about fitness and nutrition. I'll be the first to admit that I'm no expert...not even an expert wannabe. But it is interesting to me, and it's fun to follow progress. And see actual results. Which you're almost guaranteed to get. If you have a willing athlete. Which I do. So off we go...

Erich's training plan for the Battenkill is already complete...but totally subject to change! While the vast majority of building a training regimen revolves around science, there is, as with most things, a distinct art to it as well. So while he can see each and every planned ride over the next 15 weeks, he and I both understand that adjustments will likely be necessary. A good training plan always needs to account for changes in weather, potential injury, and even Valentine's Day...right? Right?!

So today is Day 1. At first, the idea is for E to get some miles into his legs at a reasonable speed. Baseline endurance will be so important for this race. And then with time, we'll add in some other challenges, mainly to keep things interesting...and to make the Battenkill survivable. That being said, Day 1 calls for a 30 mile training ride with an average speed of 20mph.

As I said earlier, let the pain begin.


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