Thursday, December 31, 2009

Polar B-b-b-bear.

Another side trip from the rigors of structured training tomorrow:  The Polar Bear Metric Century.  Jill and I have made a mini-habit of doing something outside / interesting / athletic on or around the turn of a new year.  Last year, we bundled up (but froze anyway) for a midnight run at Tanglewood Park.  This was a great way to ring in the new year in 2009, and I think we'll do it again in the future...just not this year!

Jill is planning a run for tomorrow as she readies for her first half-marathon on Jan 9, 2010.  This will be good for both of us as the event is at Disney World in Orlando!  I need to find my SPF70...

As for me, I'll be pedaling in the cold tomorrow to benefit Cancer Services.  Cancer Services offers a host of beneficial progams for individuals or families coping with a cancer diagnosis or loss of a loved one to cancer.  In addition to the good cause, it's supposed to be a challenging route.  I think I've done most of this route - but only in pieces as parts of other rides.  You can be sure the pace will go from friendly (if it ever is so) to raucous when the boys and girls start smelling the barn on Shallowford Rd.

Pics and stats to follow tomorrow.  Here's the profile:


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