Thursday, May 27, 2010

Jomeokee calls.

Jomeokee is the ancient Native American name for Pilot Mountain.  It means "great guide" or with a little imagination "pilot."  Barry and I, blessed with jobs that occasionally offer an early afternoon escape, met at his house for a quick jaunt to the Great Guide and back. 

As he says in his blog, we felt like the south ends of northbound bulls on the way out.  Finally, after starting up Pilot, we felt a bit better.  I was reminded at times of my winter training rides for the Battenkill.  We had a steady wind out of the north today, so it hounded us most of the way out while providing a bit of help on the way home.  Always good to know which way mutha nature is aiming her favor when on the bike.

After cresting the climb, we enojyed a terrific view of the NC piedmont.  Stellar, really.  A shame that we had to go, but we still had to get home - which is always interesting after a climb up the Great Guide.

It wasn't as bad as we thought, and the wind was favorable.  Arriving back at his house, we agreed that a Wednesday night ride that takes in Pilot Mtn. is a good ride, no matter how we felt.

Next up:  I'm heading down to High Point to work the medical tent for the crits this weekend. Come on down and race a sweet course if you need a crit fix!

A few photos:
heading to the state park.  my nemesis in the background.

sweaty.  not sexy but it's part of the game.

out of the saddle and in my granny gear.  oh well!


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