Saturday, May 22, 2010

Misty Mountains

A few pics from today's EXCELLENT ride in the Blue Ridge Mtns.  Sirena, Lori, Chancey, Barry and I did an out-and-back from Cumberland Knob to Doughton Park and back.  About 46 miles and good hills.  The low clouds, fog and rain really made the ride feel intimate.  This also helped keep the cars away and often times we were to be found 2 and 3 abreast with no cars for many minutes. 

Climbing to Doughton Park

Trying to get some rhythm going

Barry, focused.

We can't wait to do this again.  Perhaps a ride from Boone to Asheville later in the summer?  Gotta get my hill climbin' legs back...


Northstar Bikes said...

if what you brought along today were your flatland legs, the wake of destruction left when you bring along the hill climbers will be like Armageddon.

Chancey said...

So Sirena's front deraileur was about to fall off and her rear brake was rubbing...which I discovered during the post-ride cleanup!

erich said...

late summer will bring good legs to all of us ..and that sux about serenity's d-railer!

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