Sunday, May 30, 2010

The weather, and being under it.

A holiday weekend.  Lovely weather.  Roads begging to be ridden.  A shortage of Pepto Bismol.

The High Point City Crits made their inaugural run in, uh, High Point this weekend.  Coach and I helped out by providing a First Aid station to the unfortunate racers who decided to dance a little too closely with the asphalt.  Really, Coach did 99% of it and I just sat around watching or making sure the beer garden was fully operational. 

Unfortunately, I woke up Saturday morning with a very nauseous stomach and that 'feeling' you get when a virus is coming on:  achy muscles, headache, a chill here and there.  I decided to send Coach on to HP without me, planning to join her later.  This was hard to do, as there was quite a bit of set-up to be done:  a tent, table, chairs, and bags of medical supplies.  But, my body demanded some rest and after half a Phenergan, I drifted off...

Around 4pm I got the call that Amy and Bus were heading down to the race, so I summoned my consciousness and rose from the bed.  Riding down to HP was a blur, and I really didn't feel so good upon arrival.  I tried to sit still, walk around, sit again, but the nausea just came in waves.  It was one of those situations where one wishes IT would just happen, then all would be well. 

I almost got my chance at IT, as a wave of nausea greater than all those previous arrived at my esophagus.  I am fairly sure this followed Mitch's comment about 'waffles' as I was ok 'till then.   Like a wounded beast, I decided to wander off in hopes of finding a gentle creek by which I could simply fall over and die.  Relief was not to be mine, as the semi-heaves left all poisons within.  I did a few laps of the crit course on foot with skin a lighter shade of green. 

Soon after, chills began in earnest.  By the time we packed up the truck and got on the road to W-S, I was trying to run the heat, while Coach was rolling down her window.  Uh oh.  At home, we confirmed my fever:  101.2F.  It was going to be a long night. 

Today, I feel 50% better and have actually eaten a bit.  By my count, I've managed around 1200 calories in two days, with at least 900 of those calories today.  I'm glad to be feeling better, but this is worrisome for racing next weekend as it takes me a bit to store up carbs for a race.  Not to mention that I haven't ridden since last Wednesday.

What will happen?  Not sure, but as of now I plan to pin the number on next Saturday and stomp it.


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