Monday, January 11, 2010

Time to ride again.

Tomorrow brings a return to the training schedule.  Although I did manage to ride about 7 miles on Saturday morning (from the hotel to Epcot Center, in the rain and 33 degree weather, I might add), I have been off the bike for seven days.  I'm a little nervous to experience the post-vacation-attempt at riding fast.  I'll surely be eating my Wheaties in the morning.

The plan is for 30 miles at 20mph average.  I can't deny that I'm dreading another 30 mile solo effort, though I know it's the way to go.  Not-so-secretly, I am looking forward to next week's adventures at Salem Lake.  Off-road, here we come.  Perhaps Barry and I will hit the gravel near his house soon, but now that he's rolling some new carbon dish wheels, he might want to keep his bike squeaky clean.

Until tomorrow...


Northstar Bikes said...

is it tomorrow?

Erich said...

yes, it is now. i know so because my legs are wobbly and i can't feel my fingers or toes.

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