Saturday, January 16, 2010

Goin' for the 'Kill - Day 20.

Can't wait to hear about today's ride!

The planned route du jour will take Erich off-road for the first time. Given that the Battenkill race features 15 miles of gravel roads, we thought it would be wise to break the Cervelo in early, allowing Erich to adapt to the change in traction...or lack thereof! I know it's not normal to take a road bike off-road (on purpose), but prepping for this race would seem to be an exception to that rule. So loaded with plenty of spare tubes, Erich and his partners in crime just took off a short time ago. Looking forward to that update later on!

In other interesting traning news, we've decided to modify tomorrow's 15-mile Recovery Ride for two main reasons. #1 - The weather could be miserable. And while it's good to train in all kinds of elements because you never know how the weather will be on Race Day (yikes), reason #2 trumps reason #1. Bringing us to #2 - In exchange for Sunday's Recovery Ride, we're planning a little Time Trialing adventure for Monday. Expect plenty of sweatin', sufferin', and most importantly, number crunchin'!

Should be lots of stay tuned!


BroBlast said...

Wait, I was hoping for that ride! I think there was a change of plans!

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