Saturday, August 7, 2010

A New Adventure.
For a few years now, Jill and I have been talking about the prospect of starting a small coaching / first-aid / sport company-type-thing of some kind.  Well, following our relative success with pre-season training for my trip to Battenkill and a few others local / regional races, we thought we might be on to something.  She likes to build, tweak, and analyze training plans and data, and I like to get the word out, ride with folks, race, and help from behind the scenes on the electronic end.  In addition, we're teaming up with Debra Benfield to offer nutrition support as part of our design.

After a fateful meeting with a racer from a growing national cycling / promotions group (to be named later, once agreements are finalized), we started thinking - why not start out with a group of interested racers / competitors and see what we can do?  Once our proposal was smiled-upon, we got busy finalizing plans and working on the organizational / PR side of things - webiste, twitter, facebook, and yes even legal stuff. 

This is Jill's operation, but you might read "our" in here from time to time as I'll be in a supportive role wherever possible.  The short-term goals are to build a base of very happy (and speedy) folks benefitting from our plans and support.   Long-term?  Who knows - but you can be sure that if this takes off a bit, we'll be bringing some well-prepared folks to Cambridge, NY in April 2011. 

Stay tuned...


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