Friday, August 13, 2010

Dirty Work.

Yesterday, I got the itch to do an evening ride.  So, I text up the CLM folks to see what's luck for a group ride as people are scattered about.   Miraculously, Cam writes back to say he might do a few laps at Salem Lake.  Fo' real!?  Unfortunately, "Lawyer of the Year" Elise was snarled in traffic meaning Cam had to bail just before the ride.  My solution?  Go solo and get an indy ride in for good measure.

I was a little worried about the conditions at Salem Lake, as we had some fierce rain on Wednesday night...monsoon material!  So, with 25c Gatorskin Hardshells in place, I hit the road.  Easing toward Salem Lake, there were some signs of earlier flooding - clumps of leaves and twigs on the side of the road, streaks of red mud across pavement.  Once on the greenway, things became more ominous...especially when I came to the portion that passes under Reynolds Park Rd.

Alrighty then!  I dismounted and hiked up the berm to Reynolds Park Rd and down the other side, safely avoiding the water.  After cruising another 1/2 mile or so, I was again greeted by the swollen stream.

No way around this one, and with the path descending to just above creek level when the water is low, I was hesistant to end up on the 11 o'clock news.  I backtracked to the Reynolds Park Rd berm and hopped up to the asphalt.  I headed out RP Rd to Waughtown and Linville Rds, hoping to access the far side of Salem Lake then backtrack to the main parking / entrance area.  To be honest, I'd never ridden those two roads and was happy to find myself on the far side of the lake within 10-15 minutes. 

Once back on the lake trail, I was off and running.  It's not too hard to hold 18-20mph on a road bike over that section when the rain has packed down the dirt.  Of course, slowing for corners is not to be overlooked and I almost ate it a few times. 

Once back to the pavement, I rolled home through the Research Park and 4th St.  Amazing to see how busy 4th St is on a Thursday night.  I remember in my childhood wondering if Winston-Salem even had a downtown, now it's a bustling area of shops, arts, and restaurants that really charms.

What didn't charm, however, was the mud I picked up en route.  I feel like Barry posting a pic like this, but hey, if the shoe, uh, fits...


Northstar Bikes said...

ahh, yeah!

cameron said...

Awesome! Good training for Battenkill and cross maybe???
Sorry I had to bail, I got all excited and then mrs. big time lawyer had to crush my dreams:) Maybe next week???

Erich said...

Fo' sure. It was a good time. Barry and I are racing in Wilkesboro next weekend, so I know I'm down for an easier ride Thursday night if you can take it slow...

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