Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Weekend

In a nutshell, since it is late and I should be in bed: 

Drove to Athens, GA late Friday night.  Crashed at hotel.  Got up early Saturday morning and practiced with the band.  Had lunch.  Went to Tasty World (a club downtown) for load in and soundcheck.  Got a slice of pizza, then played a set with the fellas (see above pic).   That rocked.  Then went one block up to watch Team Mountain Khakis race Twilight.  Unfortunately, they didn't make the break and had to chase for like, a zillion laps.  On the last lap, with 6 guys away, the field sprint was marred by a few crashes including one that took out our buddy Mark.  He's ok, but road rash ain't fun, no matter how little there is.  Had pizza with The Legend.  That was something.  Went to bed about 2am.  Got up Sunday morning, got a mocha from Jittery Joe's and hit the road back home.

Back in W-S now, and I'm considering the slim chance of becoming a full-time rock star versus the security of my current career path.  Do we really just get one shot at this life? 


cameron said...

Ha!!! The Legend is EVERYWHERE!!!!!

Erich said...

Larger than life. Get Aliza to tell you the story of how he almost had to mame a drunk kid at the race...

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