Thursday, April 22, 2010

Athens Twilight

Well, I got in two good rides this week but nothing very hard.  I almost feel lazy compared to the workouts I suffered through pre-Battenkill.  I can't help but wonder how much form I'm losing, or if everyone else is just getting up to Spring speed...or both.

No racing for me this weekend, but a good bit of it is on tap for my buddy Mark.  Athens Twilight is on Saturday, so we're hoofin' it down 85 to watch 'em go 'round in circles.  That last sentence had 4 apostrophes in it, only one of which was legit.  I must be getting slack in more than one aspect of my life!

Also, my old band guessed it:  GETTING BACK TOGETHER FOR ONE MORE SHOW.  We just can't let it die, and for good reasons:  It's so fun, plus we aren't terrible so some people actually like to watch us bumble around on stage for 90 minutes.  The show is in Athens, and we planned it specifically to be over prior to the start of the Pro crit.  Love it. 

A week from tonight I plan to be in VA, camping prior to the Mule Hell-Roubaix ride.  We'll see how those plans pan out, but as for now it's a GO.

More pics and fun once I get back from Athens.  


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