Friday, April 9, 2010


The title has a few meanings.  Obviously, we're here.  By here, I mean in Upstate NY and within a quick drive of the starting line of the 2010 Tour of the Battenkill.  What started as a "what if?" conversation months ago is now feeling very real. 

We rolled into Cambridge, NY around 2pm only to realize that rider sign-in was to start at 3pm.  So, to kill some time, we drove bits of the course.  After about 15 minutes of that, I got too excited and just had to ride some.  It was a good thing, as I'd been off the bike for 3.5 days.  I'd intended to spin around NYC yesterday, but that seemed increasingly suicidal the longer we were there.  I rode sections of Eagleville Rd. and the big hill on Juniper Swamp Rd., and I'm here to say that Juniper Swamp is no joke.  Sure, you can climb it, but I anticipate that the hot dogs will be cranking on that sucker tomorrow, trying to split the group.  Even on my older 23c tires, I could climb out of the saddle without problem.  That is probably because the dirt is wet after yesterday's rain. 

By the way, I just got a text from Jill - she ran to the train station in Saratoga Springs to pick up her sister -it's snowing outside.  Unreal.   I can't help but think of Jill's half-marathon in Orlando a few months ago.  On the morning of her race, the winds picked up and the temps dropped.  Snow, sleet, and freezing rain fell on her and Shelly as they completed the daunting 13.1 miles.  Is it possible that she (or I, or we) take snow to the events we attend?  Scary to think about.

It's supposed to fair off, however, and temps will likely be up into the mid-50's by the time I toe the line at 1:30.  Perfect.  Just me and 100+ of my closest Cat 4 friends.  The goals remain the same:  stay upright, finish, and in the top 30%.  I won't be too shattered if I don't get that last one, because this race is sure to be full of all kinds of craziness that I can't control.  Despite that little interlude of futility just now, I plan to leave it all out there.  The CLM would do nothing less.  

The new tires are mounted, the shifting is crisp, the cheat sheet (athletic tape with critical course marks stuck to the top tube) is in place, and the nutrition is in process. 

Now, it's time to chill out, watch TV and think about the good things in life:  my family, my friends, and the fortune that is mine - that I can take time and energy and put it towards a goal like this.  I'm a lucky guy.

Until tomorrow, my friends.  Watch Jill's facebook for status updates as she'll be dashing around the course in full-on support mode.  Like I said, I'm a lucky guy.


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Go get them Home boy!!!

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