Tuesday, March 23, 2010


A quick note about today's group ride.  Coach approved a mid-week foray into the group ride scene, so I found the hardest one around (on Tuesday, anyway).  Tonight we were forced to a shorter (28 mile) distance as the sun is still setting pretty early.  Barry came along to get a little intensity before Boone-Roubaix. 

Usually, there are two distinct groups:  A and B.  Barry and I rolled out with who we thought were the A folks (Scott Morris and Ken Craven among them), but shortly after descending Conrad did we find ourselves all together in a group of around 30 folks.  No real action until the end of Bethel Church Rd., where a skyward pitch beckoned to the climbers and early selections were made.  Unfortuately for Brother Barry, he was chillin' in the pack, enjoying a cold beer and mixed in among the B riders when the surges started.  The gap was soon pretty big and Barry was stranded.   I looked back for him, then poured out some Gatorade for my lost comrade, and soldiered on at Mach 3 carrying the CLM colors. 

Coming back into Lewisville, we rolled up and over Turbo Hill with a select group of around 6-7.  I felt great and very comfortable despite the speeds.  In classic Erich style, I spaced out when it came time to set-up for the sprint and scratched my head as Scott rolled away from the group.  "Oh man, the sprint line is that 'right turn ahead' sign and not the old Lewisville town limit sign."  Doh.  I stood up and cranked it but there ain't no catchin' Scotty when he's motoring for the line.

All in all, a great time.  We averaged 21mph for 28 miles, and it was very friendly.  Reflecting on the effort involved, it is striking how much harder my training rides have been than these group rides.  I do not mean to say I am as fast or faster than the guys on that ride, but the feeling of pure exhaustion that follows the 50 and 55 mile training rides puts these rides to shame.  I am sure that will change as the days lengthen and the locals dust off the cobwebs...


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