Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bittersweet surrender.

A nice song by Big Head Todd and the Monsters, yes.  Also apropos for our CLM get-together tonight as we wished Curtis well in his big move to Asheville.  Truly, we're all just nervous thinking of how fast he'll be when he comes back to visit.  A virtual toast to Curtis as he and his wife head off on a new adventure in a great town!  Best wishes.  Here's a lousy shot of the crowd.  Even Alex Ryan dropped by.  It was something special.

And of course, the two main men who made my experience at Paceline Bicycles what it was...

Prior to our killer time at Noma, I hit a 20mi ride around the city.  Tonight's goal was just 17mph, so I felt fairly comfortable.  It was still very cold with a stiff 15-25mph north wind, but I motivated myself with thoughts of the upcoming frosty beverages and good friends at dinner.

Here are the stats, on the ride dedicated to Curt McGirt:

Time:  1:08.15
Dist:    20.75mi
Avg:    18.2mph
RPE varied between 13 and 16 for most of the ride.

No more planned rides 'till next week as we're heading to Florida for coach's half-marathon.  I think I'll take the Cerv with me and see if some time opens up to ride.

The prospect of warm (40 degree) weather is appealing...


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