Saturday, January 15, 2011

Out with the old, Part II...

I've been a road cyclist for about 6 years now.  When I got my first road bike, a Trek 2200, I bought the cheapest cyclocomputer I could find:  A Cateye Mity 8.  Basically, this thing could tell you your speed, your average, and your distance, and that was it.  Truly, what more does a cyclist really need?

GPS and ANT+ wireless compatability.  That's what.

I bid adieu to the wonderful, tough, relentless wedge of Asian plastic below (still on the original battery, believe it or not):

12,730 miles of friendship

I welcome, with open arms, a new piece of technology that will surely distract, befuddle and dilute my cycling experience, turning it into a simple algorithm of coordinates and trajectories.

Ok, not really.  The nerd in me loves geography, data, and reflection.  Bring on the numbers!

The ANT+ compatability means that I could add a power meter at some point in the future, but that's not in the plans right now.  Truly, there are many aspects of my riding that I can improve that don't require the detail of watts.  

But it will be nice to know latitude and ambient temperature.

Here's a look:

A clean slate.


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