Thursday, March 4, 2010

Toca su guitarra.

In addition to riding my bike, I'm working on this a little more than usual.  This is because on 4/24/10, on the evening of the vaunted Athens Twilight Criterium, my old band (Argus) will take to the stage.  Not only that, but we'll be about two blocks (or less?) from the start/finish line.  Even beating that, our buddy Mark (once a winner of the pro race, and once a runner up) will be in the pack.  Good times are sure to ensue.  We even worked it out so that our show will end about 30 minutes before the pro race starts, giving us some lag time to pack up and move our imbibed-selves two blocks to watch the madness.  I can't wait!

But, Battenkill is first - and only 36 days away now.  I'm nearing the peak of training, so I am well aware that I won't be getting much faster than I am now.  Last week's 55-miler was tough, and I am sure this weekend's ride won't be any easier.  On the upside, Team Mountain Khakis will be holding part of their training camp in W-S next weekend.  On the agenda:  an open-to-the-public ride in the range of 90 miles.  I think I'll be sitting on the back of that ride (for the first 30 miles, then I'm going back home!)

Tonight was a 30 mile ride, so I did 30 miles.  The ride 'felt' hard, with RPEs sometimes in the 18-19 range when headwinds were full on.  Overall, not bad:  20.3mph avg. 

Next up, big Saturday ride, or a ride in Boone, or racing in the Spring Series in Greenville, SC -- can't decide.


Northstar Bikes said...

wish I could come along for both trips! Next week looks good, we'll have to do some rides. My buddy Chris rode a city loop the other day with me and we averaged between 17 and 18...he needs to be initiated into the mafia with a proper group city loop!

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