Friday, February 19, 2010


Just a little extra needed for tomorrow's big ride.  The iPod has languished for many moons with an outdated playlist and some songs that frankly should never have been on there.  I'll keep that to myself to preserve your opinion of me.

In truth, you never quite know how a 'training mix' will work out until you try it, so we'll see how this mish-mash goes.  I will give you a sample of a few songs on here, for those who are curious:

The Stone Roses:  "Begging You"
Bleu:  "That's When I Crash"  <-- let's hope not!
Salt:  "So"
REM:  "What's the Frequency, Kenneth?"
Grand St. Cryers: "Through The Fields"

Some stuff is pretty obscure or long-forgotten but still rocks.  Each song is attached by a guidewire to some piece of my past and lends a moment of mental freshness or awakening.  These solo training rides have been a new experience, as I've essentially been a 'social' cyclist since picking up road riding in 2004.  This is easily my longest and most consistent stint of solo training rides and that takes some mental adjusting for the extrovert in me. 

Stats later tomorrow.  Might head to City Beverage for an after-ride beer tasting if anyone's interested.  Probably around 3pm.  Though it would be totally euro to ride there on my way home from the 50 miler, I'll likely shower first.  Or will I?


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