Tuesday, February 23, 2010


There is no hiding from the wind this time of year.  Just a quick 23miler tonight, but 20 were measured for training.  Here are the stats:

Route:  My house, forward City Loop to WFU, one lap of "the neighborhood" and back.
Dist:  20.22mi
Time:  56:50
Avg:  21.2mph

Next up, Thursday night at Salem Lake.  This could be interesting...


cameron said...

If salem lake is anything like last week, and with the rain tomorrow it probably will be, might try somewhere else. it was one giant mud pit. not fun to ride through.

Erich said...

Thanks Cam. I was worried about that. the gravel sections off of Flint Hill were bad last weekend, after a few days of sun. Might be April before Salem Lake is in good shape again...

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