Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Dark Days

With my first road race (Wolfpack Classic, 2/13/10) of the year looming, I'm anxious to keep the iron hot.  Training has been very successful so far, and I've been very pleased with the progress I've made in a few short months.  That said, I am somewhat fearful of losing the gains if the snow sticks around too long.  The irony is, in every previous year of my life, I would have wanted as much snow as possible - but this year...maybe we can just keep it in check a little?

I suppose the challenge is part of the fun.  I'll saddle up the trainer and keep the workouts going, go for runs in the snow and even (maybe) take out Coach's mtn bike for a real leg-burning snow workout. 

Truly, just hiking up and down the snowhills over the past two days has me a little tired.

All of that said, expect to see me on the porch a few nights this week, sweating and steaming it up.   If Salem Lake is up and running again (they closed the trails last week due to flooding), that might be an option on Thursday night...stay tuned.


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